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Question 1: Can you tell me if there are any boat companies which operate tours in winter on the Rhine? Thanks John

Answer 1: The most day cruises in winter form November to end of March on the Rhine river are from the Day cruise line Loreley-Linie Weinand. They have nearby every day cruises for bus groups. Here they also take single travellers.
The day cruise line Bingen-Rudesheimer only has a few day boat cruises in winter.
Please look at www.vacation-package.net and please ask both cruise lines directly for their winter schedule and tell your planed travel date. If you don't write the date, they can't make you an offer.

Question 2: My wife and I arrive in Frankfurt on December 1 and have two days free before arriving in the 915-colm castle hotel Mid Franconia (between Christmas market Reiterlesmarkt in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber and the most famous german Christmas market Christkindlesmarkt in Nurnberg / Nuremberg ) on 3. December. We would like to at least do a half day cruise covering the Lorelei rock on the Rhine river. Have you any suggestions? Are there any 1/2 or day cruises operating this week or even a one night cruise. Don Marriott

Answer 2: There are no night cruises in the winter months available. In the winter months there are only night cruises on new year's eve available. Please look for half day cruises in the winter months at answer no 1.

Question 3: We are booked into the Castle Schonburg at Oberwesel for the December 27 and 28. Now that we have this is firm booking, is there a river trip that we can take from Oberwesel on the 28th of December and if so what are the costs and time and departure point of the trip? Many thanks, Lee van Rees

Answer 3: There are no cruises possible from Oberwesel in the winter months. But maybe there are cruises possible about 6 km north from St. Goar. Please look for half day cruises in the winter months at answer no 1.

Question 4: I would like to know, whether passenger boats service (Rheinfahrt ferry) operates on March 28. Mr. Ochi Tsuyoshi

Answer 4: Passenger boats service along the Rhine river and car ferries between two opposite river banks are two different things. What do you mean? Please look for half day cruises along the Rhine river in the winter months at answer no 1.

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Rhine aflame, Fireworks on Rhine and Mosel rivers

Rhine river cruise on New year's eve 2020 2021 in Germany

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Directions from Paris / France or Luxembourg to the Rhine river valley in Germany

If you are coming from Dusseldorf airport and if you want to start your River Cruise in Koln (Cologne)

Frankfurt airport

If you are coming from Frankfurt airport and if you are travelling by railroad, take the train from Frankfurt via Mainz to the Rhine river

Rhine river gorge map with Boat landing stages for a day trip to Lorelei rock

8 Rhine Maps with Castles and german cities

30 bed and breakfast inns up to 35 EUR per person and night on the Rhine river in Germany

Which hotels
on the Rhine river
in germany are good romantic places ?

30 medieval german castle pictures of the month

NEW: Individual round castle tour through south Germany

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Christmas in Germany

653-jagd Schlosshotel Rheingau Rheinhöhe  bei Rüdesheim am Rhein über dem Rheintal im Taunus
Christmas in Germany in the 653-jagd 4-star castle hotel Rheingau hotel Rudesheim Rhine river hills, Hesse Germany, Christmas Eve Mass, Christmas vacation package short trips arrangement trip 2020 2021 menu, indoor swimming pool, sauna. Near Christmas markets in Frankfurt on Main river, Rudesheim and Wiesbaden. Southeast Hessen, Rhinegau.

781-hors Schlosshotel Schwarzwald, Burgruine, Hornberger Stadtmuseum, Schwarzwaldbahn
Christmas in Germany in the 781-hors castle hotel Black Forest between Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Freiburg in the Breisgau, Titisee-Neustadt lake and Donaueschingen German christmas holiday vacation package short packages trips celebration punch goose menu stories sleigh ride dinner carriage 2020 2021 cheap road map surrounding

Oberwesel Weihnachtsmarkt, Nr. 4010, © 1991 Verlag Loreley-Galerie German christmas cards Oberwesel Kuchhirtenturm, Nr. 4016, © 1993 Verlag Loreley-Galerie

10 New year's eve river boat shuffles in Germany with live musik, dance and firework on the german Rhine river, Main river and Havel river

Open in winter in Germany: Available hotel rooms, castle hotels, bed and breakfast inns, hoiday rentals, apartments in December, Advent season, Christmas Markets season, Christmas, New year's eve  2020 2021, New year and January

Available hotel rooms near Christmas markets on the Rhine river

Christmas in Germany | Christmas tradition in Germany | Christmas customs in Germany

Rhine River Bus Tours between Cologne, Frankfurt and Heidelberg in Germany, along the german castles

NOT in the winter months:

Planning a Rhine river cruise and want to see the most castles along the Rhine in one, two or three days?

If you are coming from the northwest – Cologne airport, Dusseldorf airport, Amsterdam airport, Luxembourg airport, Paris airport:
Part 1 south:
start your river cruise in Boppard on the Rhine ...

2, 3, 4, 6, 8 day vacation packages in different hotels with different one day Rhine river cruises along the castles

If you are coming from the southeast – Frankfurt airport, Stuttgart airport, Munich airport:
start your River cruise in Rudesheim on the Rhine ...

rhine map, © 1997-1999, WHOMap of Germany

Romantic 4-day castle cruise on the Rhine through the Lorelei valley  –   As part of a small group experience the unique landscape of the Rhine River and its famous castles on a tour between the historic towns of Mainz and Koblenz (Coblence), on a romantic 4-day cruise aboard the AVENTURA.
The enchanting landscape of the Lorelei valley, the original location of many German legends, will captivate your imagination, while the picturesque townships and castles along the way speak of their historic past.  more

Long route Rhine river cruises from Swiss through Germany to Netherlands

8 days Rhine river cruise Basle - Strasbourg - Heidelberg - Rudesheim - Cologne - Rotterdam - Amsterdam with MS HELVETIA | Basle –> Amsterdam | Amsterdam –> Basle  www.kreuzfahrten.kabinenschiffe.de/rhein-impressionen

5 days Rhine river cruise Basle - Strasbourg - Rudesheim - Cologne - Amsterdam with MS DEUTSCHLAND | Basle –> Amsterdam | Amsterdam –> Basle www.kreuzfahrten.kabinenschiffe.de/rheinfahrt

4 days Rhine river cruise Basle - Strasbourg - Boppard - Dusseldorf with MS BRITANNIA | Basle –> Dusseldorf  | Dusseldorf –> Basle www.kreuzfahrten.kabinenschiffe.de/romantischer-rhein

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