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Rhine river half day round cruise in the winter months November, December, January, February and March

Planning a Rhine river cruise and want to see the most castles along the Rhine in one, two or three days?

Rhineland-Palatinate is in the western region in Germany near the French border and has the beautiful wine country near the Mosel and Rhine rivers.

If you are coming from the northwest – Cologne airport, Dusseldorf airport, Amsterdam airport, Luxembourg airport, Paris airport:
Part 1 south: start your river cruise in Boppard on the Rhine River ...

Part 2: Stay a while in Boppard before embarking on a boat.

Part 3 south: Half day Rhine River cruise from Boppard in southern direction to Kamp-Bornhofen and the enemy brothers, castles Sterrenberg and Liebenstein.

Part 4: Stay a while in Kamp-Bornhofen before embarking on a boat.

Part 5 south: Half day Rhine River cruise from Kamp-Bornhofen in southern direction to St. Goar and Fortress Rheinfels along castles Maus (mouse), St. Goarshausen and Katz (cat).

Part 6: From boat landing stages in St. Goar every 15 minutes with a miniature street railway to Castle Rheinfels on the Rhine hills and back down the hill to St. Goar.

Part 7 south: Half day Rhine River cruise from St. Goar in southern direction to Oberwesel and Castle Schonburg along the Lorelei cliff.

Part 8: Stay a while in Oberwesel, climb on the town wall and the town tower before embarking on a boat.

Oberwesel has an old tradition in wine-making, wine-tasting is also available to single travellers, many wine cellars can be viewed and there are guided tours to the various surrounding vineyards.

Part 9 south: Half day Rhine River cruise from Oberwesel in southern direction to Kaub, castle Gutenfels and water castle Pfalz (Pfalzgrafenstein)

Part 10: Stay a while in Kaub and visit the water castle Pfalz (Pfalzgrafenstein) before embarking on a boat.

Part 11 south: Half day Rhine River cruise from Kaub in southern direction to Bacharach and Castle Stahleck

Part 12: Stay a while in Bacharach before embarking on a boat.

Part 13 south: Half day Rhine River cruise from Bacharach in southern direction to Assmannshausen and Rudesheim along Rheindiebach, ruin Furstenberg, Lorch, ruin Nollig, Niederheimbach, castle Heimburg, castle Sooneck, Trechtingshausen, castle Reichenstein and castle Rheinstein.

Part 14: Stay a while in Assmannshausen before embarking on a boat.

Part 15 south: Arrange for some wine-tasting at a winery, take the cable car to the Rhine hills opposite from Fortress Rheinstein, to the castle Jagdschloss Niederwald and the famous Niederwald monument (Niederwald-Denkmal). This is another wonderful place to view the Rhine, the Rhine valley and tens of thousands of grape-vines in the Rheingau.

Part 16 south: Just off to the northeast of the Niederwald monument, the next cable car takes you comfortably down to Rudesheim on the Rhine river.

Rhine in flames,
Rhine aflame, Fireworks on Rhine and Mosel rivers

Rhine river cruise on New year's eve 2020 2021 in Germany

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Directions from Paris / France or Luxembourg to the Rhine river valley in Germany

If you are coming from Dusseldorf airport and if you want to start your River Cruise in Koln (Cologne)

Frankfurt airport

If you are coming from Frankfurt airport and if you are travelling by railroad, take the train from Frankfurt via Mainz to the Rhine river

Rhine river gorge map with Boat landing stages for a day trip to Lorelei rock

8 Rhine Maps with Castles and german cities

30 bed and breakfast inns up to 35 EUR per person and night on the Rhine river in Germany

Which hotels
on the Rhine river
in germany are good romantic places ?

30 medieval german castle pictures of the month

Rhine-River-Lights half day cruise with wine festivals and firework displays. Discover the romantic middle Rhine river from a completely new point of view.

Rhine River Cruise Firework display pictures Rhine in Flames schedule, Rhine Aflame, Flaming Moselle gorge, Germany

Individual castle tour round trip through south Germany
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Clickable map of Germany with yellow marked castle hotels German castles palace hotel in Bavaria Baden-Wurttemberg Hesse Rhineland-Palatinate

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2, 3, 4, 6, 8 day vacation packages in different hotels with different one day Rhine river cruises along the castles

Rhine River Bus Tours between Cologne, Frankfurt and Heidelberg in Germany, along the german castles

If you are coming from the southeast – Frankfurt airport, Stuttgart airport, Munich airport:
start your River cruise in Rudesheim on the Rhine ...

Map of Germany

Romantic 4-day castle cruise on the Rhine through the Lorelei valley  –   As part of a small group experience the unique landscape of the Rhine River and its famous castles on a tour between the historic towns of Mainz and Koblenz (Coblence), on a romantic 4-day cruise .
The enchanting landscape of the Lorelei valley, the original location of many German legends, will captivate your imagination, while the picturesque townships and castles along the way speak of their historic past.  more


Long route Rhine river cruises from Swiss through Germany to Netherlands:

8 day Rhine river cruise Amsterdam - Basel or Basel - Amsterdam
8 days Amsterdam – Nimwegen – Koln Cologne – Winningen on the Mosel river – Koblenz Coblence – Rudesheim – Mannheim – Strassbourg – Basel
8 days Basel – Strassbourg – Mannheim – Rudesheim – Koln Cologne – Dusseldorf – Nimwegen – Rotterdam – Amsterdam

5 day Rhine river cruise Basel - Amsterdam or 6 day Rhine river cruise Amsterdam - Basel
5 days Basel – Strassbourg – Rudesheim – Koln Cologne – Dusseldorf – Amsterdam
6 days Amsterdam – Dusseldorf – Koln Cologne –  Boppard – Speyer – Strassbourg – Basel

5 day Rhine river cruise Dusseldorf - Basel or 4 day Rhine river cruise Basel - Düsseldorf
5 days Dusseldorf – Koln Cologne – Koblenz Coblence – Speyer – Strassbourg – Basel
4 days Basel – Strassbourg – Boppard – Koln Cologne – Dusseldorf

4 day Rhine river cruise Strassbourg - Koln Cologne or 5 day Rhine river cruise Koln Cologne - Strassbourg
4 days Strassbourg – Mainz – Rudesheim – Boppard – Winningen on the Mosel river – Koblenz Coblence –  Konigswinter – Koln Cologne
5 days Koln Cologne – Bonn – Winningen on the Mosel river – Braubach – Rudesheim – Mainz – Speyer – Strassbourg

Germany, Rhine River Valley, Mainz, Rudesheim, Bacharach, Lorelei Rock, Koblenz Nonsmoking Canopy bed holiday apartment Hermann, ask for Last Minute Offers Central quiet location in Oberwesel on the Rhine river. Renovated in 2015, 55 sqm. Bedroom with historic four-poster bed and satellite TV, living room with sofa bed and satellite TV, kitchen, free Wi-Fi, balcony, terrace. Car parking. 4 boat landing stages. 630 meters from castle Schonburg. Favorable permanent rental price from Nov. to March.  
Rhine River cruises to visit German wine festivals in 2024 and 2025 Rhine River Lights firework displays with half day round boat cruises A spectacular firework display during a boat trip in the Middle Rhine River Valley between Koblenz / Coblence, Lahnstein, Boppard, St. Goar, Loreley Rock, Oberwesel, Bacharach, Assmannshausen, Bingen and Rudesheim. The boat cruise with DJ music and dance on board is starting from different wine towns with wine hikings and wine festivals.  

Individual round castle tour through south Germany romantic road map tour Bavaria Fussen Neuschwanstein Nuremberg famous hotel German palace Schloss Hohenschwangau bed and breakfast hotels Freiburg king Ludwig Dinkelsbuhl drive pension Schwansee Nurnberg castles rooms freeway Linderhof

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